After many years of training as a counsellor and a leader in Energy Psychology I learned to fully experience my uncomfortable feelings whatever they were.  I also learned to believe those feelings.

I had no idea that if I just noticed the thoughts that created the feelings, then left them alone they would simply dissipate.  Leaving my uncomfortable feelings alone means not analyzing them or trying to figure them out.

I thought I had to find out where the painful feelings came from and how to get rid of them. I thought I had to make a list of every traumatic event in my history to clear all my trauma.  I thought it was important to know which specific event or trauma in my past created these painful feelings.  I was taught that all my uncomfortable feelings came from my past which meant a lot of detective work to find out exactly where and when they arose.  When the feelings were at their most heightened I used techniques to either release them or eliminate them to help me feel more comfortable in my life.

I learned to take my thoughts and feelings very seriously.  They felt so real, so true that I believed them and of course, I felt them even more deeply!  It could be said that I was living a life of glorious Technicolor and Surround sound in which the polarities of good and bad, right and wrong, hot and cold were clearly separate and miles apart.

That meant that on a daily basis, I was working on my negative feelings to reduce or eliminate the impact of feeling upset or angry or hurt.  I learned to be very self determined.  I ran workshops on “designing your own destiny” and ” how to create a millionaire mindset” and many more.  The interesting thing was that it worked really well.  I did get results.  Not always what I was expecting, but nevertheless my experience of life was generally more peaceful and calm.

As I learn the Principles behind life my experience is completely different.

I understand deeply that I am only ever experiencing life from my thinking.  100% no exception.  I am only ever living in the feeling of my own thinking moment to moment.  I know that I’m going to have good and bad feelings for the rest of my life and so is everybody else. The gift is the knowledge that it is all self generated.  I can claim my power back. I am no longer the victim of circumstances outside of myself.   Even more powerful is my knowing that when I look to what is powering up all my thoughts and where they come from they no longer have any power over me.

Life is not coming at me from outside of me at all.  It looks like that and certainly feels like that but the truth is that my thoughts and feelings are all being generated from within.

When I notice an uncomfortable thought and the resultant uncomfortable feeling now, I can simply put a full stop to it without any need to analyze or figure it out.

It literally disappears like the puff of fresh air that it is.  My thoughts are only meaningful when I give them attention. Sometimes I will be gripped by my negative thinking for a short while but I always default to my natural state which is peace.

I’m noticing that the things I used to get upset about just don’t seem to bother me in the same way.

I can reclaim my sovereignty within life.  I can relax into LIfe and let my wisdom do the work.  I experience a beautiful feeling and peace in my present moment that expands into the rest of my day.  I am home.