I used to believe that it was people, circumstances and events that affected my life.  I lived and experienced my life as if that was the truth. When I believed that life was “out there”, outside of myself,  in my mind it meant that I had to change myself to live the kind of successful life I wanted.  That meant I had to work really hard to “fit in”.  It meant that I had to work really hard at whatever I did.  I had to give more than my best.  I was known as the person who always went the extra mile.   I had a successful business, was travelling the world training people in Energy Psychology techniques and living a wonderful life.  I worked hard on myself to clear all my limiting, negative beliefs so that I could have this successful life and earn the money I wanted.  In my mind I was on a Hero’s journey with a Purpose and a plan.  I trained in just about every Energy Psychology technique I could find to help myself and others.  Then I burned out.  Twice.

I came across the Three Principles understanding a couple of years ago and my life began to change without me having to do anything at all except listen.  As I learned about the way life really works I noticed that I was feeling more relaxed, more at ease, I was actually quite joyful for long periods of time.  Sometimes my experience was very subtle, sometimes extremely profound.  I noticed that my life was changing, my reaction to people was different, I was feeling more at peace.  My relationships were easier and more loving.

It has been such a transformation for me, that I decided to train as a Facilitator in the Three Principles as experienced by Mr Sydney Banks and help other people to transform their lives too!  What I love most about the learning is that it is easy and lighthearted.  Changing your life does not have to entail going in to your past or examining previous events in any way.  That is a pleasure for me and has made my sessions with people and groups, lighter and more fun!  It is a wonderful way of experiencing life and the deeper my understanding the more peace of mind I have.

It is such a relief to know that despite being an expert, I will never “know it all”.