For many years before learning about the three Principles I thought I had to focus on problems and help people to fix themselves to have a happy life. Indeed, I was known as a good intuitive detective.  I could find out what was at the root of my own problems and other peoples problems very quickly and work to clear it all using various energy psychology techniques.  They worked.  I would focus on the unhappiness or trauma of a client who was unable to accept themselves or anyone else and I would help them to clear whatever that problem was. Miraculously, relationships would change, circumstances would change and even more money arrived when we cleared their limiting beliefs about money.  Trauma disappeared  and all manner of little miracles unfolded in front of me.

From the perspective of the inside out understanding of life what If those little miracles were ordinary? what if every human being already has an in built self regulating system inside us that simply defaults to love and peace. Because it is our natural birthright. What if it happens all the time and yet we are unaware of it until someone shows us how it works?

If it was true that my thinking and feeling state was created from inside of me rather than outside of me (thats what it looks like – it certainly feels like that) then I can claim my power back from the outside world.

I can become aware that there is an invisible system within which we live that has a gentleness in its design and
I can trust it.

When we can allow ourselves to “fall” out of our intellect and trust the system within which we live, miracles begin to manifest in a way that would previously not have been possible.  As we allow Life to flow through us instead of trying to take control all the time, living becomes easier, more peaceful and happy!  Relationships become less reactive, more heartfelt and compassion and Love reigns….