Training & Facilitation

For those who want to share the Principles with others. This is a longer term programme dedicated to helping you facilitate others. It is also to deepen your own learning if you don’t want to be a Facilitator.

For Mental Health Practitioners, Counsellors, Psychologists, Coaches, Trainers or anyone in the helping professions. In fact, anyone who THINKS can benefit from these programmes.

This will be a longer term programme over a period of 10 months and will be run during weekends in Guernsey and Exeter.

Starts February 2014
Date: 1/2/3rd February in Guernsey
Date: 22/23/24th February in Exeter

2/3 day Immersion

This is the best format Ann has found for you to either learn the Principles or to deepen your current understanding if you have already been studying them. You will spend 2/3 days one on one with Ann at a venue suitable for your needs. The programme includes 2 meetings per day plus materials that will support your learning. The programme will continue with “follow up” phone calls of 1/2 hour or email support if required for 2 months to integrate your learning.

Individual Immersion

Couples Immersion

Can also be conducted via Skype.

Thank you Ann Ross. I have never witnessed better facilitation and care of a group in my 35 years experience of being in groups in the NHS.
PF, Nurse

Skype Mentoring Programme

This is a wonderful way for you to learn or to deepen your understanding of the Principles from the comfort of your own home. The programme consists of 8 one hour sessions either by phone or Skype. You may have materials recommended for you to view or listen to as part of your own learning.

This is a course about a transformational understanding that helps us to live a happy and contented life filled with joy and well being. Ann is one of the most skilled teachers of our time in sharing with us who we really are. Thank you so much!
JC, EFT Trainer and Practitioner

Business Consultation

Ann has been an Executive and Leadership Coach for 14 years working with businesses to help them develop resilience in stressful environments, dealing with change, conflict resolution and creating an environment of mutual respect and understanding. The business environment is becoming more stressful as staff and managers are required to work longer hours and travel longer distances to work. Absenteeism from work due to illness and chronic stress are becoming more prevalent costing Companies millions in lost revenue.

Ann was fascinating in her delivery of this profound new paradigm in Psychology. I loved that she told us that she is still learning. I had a truly organic, learning experience and I feel that she enabled us to a very high powerful level of understanding about how life really works.
WM, EFT Practitoner