New Perspectives Courses

The original definition of learning and education was to ‘draw out from within’. All courses look towards the original meaning, we collectively draw out or uncover an already present, pre-existing resource that can nulify unwanted psychological habits and has everything we need to live a life in psychological harmony and spiritual fulfillment.

We enter a conversation that points before the “content” of what we may have already learnt.

When we understand our experience: Where it is coming from and how we are creating it, we naturally and effortlessly un-create what we don’t want and re-create what we do want

The solution to our own ills and indeed all of mankind’s ills can be found in a simple truth- we feel our thinking and it is our feeling that gives us our experience of life and we act and behave consistant with our feeling. To ‘change’ how we act and behave, we must look towards the spiritual truth of what is creating that- understanding the ‘nature’ of thinking transforms our entire psychological and physical worlds.

We are always reading in the news about unhealthy communities (corporations, governments, schools, housing communities) so what’s the solution?

Ann is truly masterful with her delivery for this course. She is generous, loving, congruent and sharing her own tremendous insights, without any demands on anyone else. She is a great confidence builder and a superb Mentor.
JC, EFT Practitoner
This is a deceptively deep and powerful approach to living that Ann explains clearly, holding the space for us all to embrace this paradigm effortlessly and go forward with it.
DD, EFT Practitioner
Thank you so much for a wonderful course. Your peace and joy shine out for all of us. I loved the beautiful “feeling” generated by us all in the room. Your generosity of spirit sharing this new paradigm in Psychology is so appreciated
I absolutely loved the course – as always. You present your Wisdom and knowing with such ease and such love that it is easy to fall into that space – you allow me to fall and I know I will be safe. Thank you!
SG, EFT Practitoner


Here is an overview of the results with an understanding of the Three Principles within communities.

  • 80% reduction in school truancy rates
  • 75% reduction in school discipline referrals and suspension
  • 62% reduction in violent crime
  • 100% reduction in homicides
  • 74% reduction in assaults


To see research articles and peer review journals on these results please select the link below.

Ann is an extremely enlightened and warm hearted person who puts you at your ease immediately, thereby creating the perfect ambience for the ultimate retreat experience. She explains the concept of a new paradigm for finding peace within ourselves in simple but effective ways, enabling even the most hardened of skeptics to find their inner peace quickly and with ease. The retreat itself is held in a fabulous bed & breakfast set in the beautiful Devon countryside, providing tranquil surroundings and fabulous home cooked meals, enabling attendees to completely relax and allow themselves to indulge in their own spiritual journey and awakening. If you are searching for mental clarity and sustainable well being in your current world of stress and chaos, then I heartily recommend attending this retreat
Dr. KH, Consultant

Everyone in this world shares the same innate source of wisdom, but it is hidden by the tangle of our own misguided personal thoughts.
Sydney Banks