For many years I have refused to engage or use Facebook, as my business practice was successful and despite asking many of the experts about it and having their advice that it was the right thing to do for the future, I continued to resist it.  I felt it was time consuming to start with but also, why on earth would people be interested in me and my daily life?   I remember being with a group of friends and having a wonderful meal.  There was a lot of laughter and quite a few glasses of wine had by all. One of the group was a big Facebook fan and there was a lot of ooohing and aaaahing… in anticipation of the delectable food we had ordered. After the first mouthful my FB friend took a photo and sent it to all her friends.  It was fun to share an experience in that way but the technology was a mystery to me.  I also had a question again about who might be interested in a photo of a beautiful meal?  Then out of the blue a good friend sent me a beautiful picture of a most delicious meal.  It allowed me to ohh and ahhh…and share with him in that moment, when he was thousands of miles away.  It was a feeling of connection.  I later read some research that oxytocins (feel good feelings) are released when we share simple things like a meal, an outing, a powerful movie, or the latest boy band in town with our friends.

I made a decision that it was time to drag myself into the 21st century and learn Facebook and start to share.  I had a lot of insecure thinking about it but thought I would give it a go.

It took me a long time to start, because every time I looked at it I felt overwhelmed.  It looked like Chinese to me!  I felt a powerful sense of triumph when I managed to change the picture on my old FB page.  wow!  And to think that nearly 900 friends would see that change was exciting.  Maybe I could do this after all?

After that false sense of encouragement, I decided to get stuck in to my FB adventure.  I struggled and battled with it and remembered a time when I had ordered a flatpak table for my computer and finally had to call in an expert to assemble it for me!  Same feelings of frustration, anger a lot of coffee later and quite a few visits to the fridge – maybe the answer was in there? I finally gave up and called in a FB expert.

Bless Steve’s cotton socks!  He created a beautiful page for me but I was stuck again.  I really needed lessons, to be able to do it for myself.  I felt like I had a runaway train hurtling through my mind and a thought storm created in my body.  Now my energy psychology buddies may be saying ” why didn’t she DO something about that?  They may well be shaking their heads right now at my stupidity, because in my old life I would simply have eliminated or reduced the impact of those thoughts and feelings.  Four days later, I ended up in bed with “flu”.  Now I haven’t had flu or even had a cold for years!  I ached in every bone of my body.  What was this all about?  On the third day I had the insight ” it’s so wonderful to be able to be sick when I want to”. Next thought was “bored with this Ill be better in the morning”.  I was!  All the flu symptoms had disappeared, no sore throat, no cold.

I realised that with my understanding of the inside out nature of life, my brain needed a rest and my thoughts defaulted to peace while I was in bed as there was nothing else to do. I just needed some quiet time to allow my mind to rest.  I had actually “thought” myself into flu!  I so wanted to blame Facebook!

It’s evidence again, that I don’t have to do anything to default to my natural state of mental well being.  My body already knows how to do it for me!  It’s all taken care of, without me having to interfere.  All I have to do is get quiet and My Innate health and well being is always present despite the weird workings of my mind.  The wonderful thing is that it is happening inside of every human being whether we believe it or not, whether we see it or not.  It’s a relief to know I am always OK, no matter what and so are you!